Metal – Stainless steel

Stainless steel, as a metal en decorative item, is a true mirror of life. Sometimes it reflects the bright side of life; sometimes it’s ‘glazed’. And what to think of the discrepancy between flexibility and toughness? Stainless steel represents a form of purity that attracts and touches many of us, so maybe having a hart of steels isn’t that bad after all. Stainless steel is the ultimate form of hardware. It’s robust, strong, ethically correct en easy to maintain. Besides there’s and endless list of possibilities and functionalities it can be used for: stainless steel is incredibly versatile and the look of it can be combined with many types of interior design. Stainless steel, also known as inox, is an alloy (iron, nickel and a maximum of 1,2 % carbon) with a minimum chromium percentage of 11 to 12 added. Stainless steel does not easily corrode, rust or stain with water like ordinary steel does. Today, adding elements such as titanium and silicon enriches many types of steel. French metallurgist Pierre Berthier, who noted their resistance against attack by acids and suggested their use in cutlery, first recognized the corrosion resistance of iron-chromium alloys in 1821. Hammering does curving the Stainless Steel parts for inlaying on objects. At the end of the inlaying process, the stainless steel is totally brushed or polished.



Swatch, stainless steel brushed with black grout crazy cut big pieces



Swatch, stainless steel crazycut like ‘shining’



Swatch, copper plate with black grout crazycut (large pieces)



Swatch, stainless steel brushed with white grout crazycut



Swatch, brass plate with black grout crazycut



Swatch, copper plate with black grout crazycut (small pieces)