Selenite Stone

Selenite stone

From respected ancient cultures to modern society it is believed, and sometimes even proven, that the moon has great effect on life on earth. Think about the change from low to high tide for example. Keeping that in mind it’s not that big of a surprise that the ancient Greek named Selenite stone after our reflecting friend, high up in the sky.

Selenite, which means moonstone, is a transparent crystal (mineral) of which the old Greek believed it waxed and waned with the moon, like the tide. This had a lot to do with the moonlight effect from cleavage surfaces. Selenite is a variety of Gypsum that occurs in transparent crystals or crystalline masses.

There are four crystalline varieties of mineral gypsum that branch together to form Selenite. Selenite is often colourless with a vitreous or pearly lustre. They are found as pure white, translucent rock, with defined striations.

Before extraction from the mines, selenite is very warm because the thermal hot water temperature is approximately 50°C (122°F). Amazingly, once extracted from the mines, it is very cool to touch and has a luminescent (light emitted by a substance as a result of heating), lunar (silvery crescent moonlike glow) quality.

Selenite crystals are one of the more powerful healing stones. The vibration of Selenite is very high but also very calming so it is excellent for clarity, understanding and concentration, as well as keeping specific areas of a room clear of unwanted energy. It can also be used to form a protection grid in the home in order to literally turn your house into a safe place. Selenite itself does not need to be cleansed.



Swatch, selenite stone fishbone pattern on glass base



Swatch, selenite stone rectangles on glass base



Swatch, selenite stone squares on ceramic tile



Swatch, selenite stone splinters on glass base



Swatch, selenite stone polished galets pieces



Swatch, selenite stone rectangular pieces (20x65mm) on ceremic tile



Swatch, selenite stone polished pieces on glass base



Swatch, nectar stone pieces on ceramic tile



Swatch, selenite stone rectangles and squares on ceremic tile



Swatch, selenite stone hearts on glass base



Swatch, selenite stone rectangles and squares on ceremic tile



Swatch, selenite stone diagonal squares (35x35mm) on glass base