Metal Hammering

Metal Hammering

To some the sound of metal being hit sounds meditative. To others it’s an awful noise they can hardly withstand. What’s for sure is that the art of metal hammering has played a great role in both Indian culture and history. The Indians have known the art of hammering metals for nearly 5000 years. This craft tradition withstood the ravages of time and numerous foreign invasions and continues to flourish till date.

The craft of hammering metals in India revolved around religious beliefs and needs of patrons, royalty and common people. Foreign and domestic trade also influenced it. The first blacksmiths were seen as visionaries who could craft beautifully shaped and useful objects out of very inflexible materials. Because of their skills and talents for working with metals, ancient civilizations gave the master workers predominance over those who lacked these skills. The earliest examples of Indian crafts were found in the ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization (approximately 3000 to 1700 BC).

Originally metal was derived from meteorites, which were considered sacred. For that reason only special objects were made from it. Later it was discovered that metals could be found below the earth’s surface.

Traditionally, Indian craftsmen used different kinds of metal like iron, copper, silver and alloys such as bronze, bell metal and white metal to produce hammered items. Typical items are pots, pans, utensils, photo frames, sculptures of deities, mythological figures and animals. In the field of metal work a variety of styles are seen in different parts of India.



Swatch, metal cladding silver, circle on circle pattern



Swatch, brass matt, 3D pattern flower and leaves



Swatch, metal and brass cladding polsihed circle pattern



Swatch, brass polished, 3D pattern flower and leaves



Swatch, metal cladding matt and brass polished, 3D pattern circles



Swatch, metal cladding polished, 3D pattern flower and leaves



Swatch, metal cladding matt, 3D pattern flower and leaves



Swatch, brass matt, 3D pattern leaves



Swatch, metal cladding polished and matt, 3D pattern flowers and leaves



Swatch, metal cladding polished and matt, 3D pattern tringle